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Il progetto Laurenziana “digital”


Chiamiamo con questo nome un progetto iniziato nel 1998, e che ha portato all’evoluzione tecnologica della Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana di Firenze, attraverso una serie di piccoli interventi mirati e concepiti secondo il concetto di sostenibilità.
Parte integrante del progetto sono le Mostre virtuali alla cui apposita pagina rimandiamo.

Sul progetto specifico vi rimandiamo alle seguenti fonti :

  1. La Biblioteca Laurenziana va in Rete : quando un istituto di conservazione per eccellenza si misura con l’innovazione / Sabina Magrini con la consulenza di Simone Falteri. (Biblioteche oggi, novembre 2005,  p. 51-57)
  2. Il catalogo aperto della Biblioteca Laurenziana / Sabina Magrini (Biblioteche oggi, giugno 2010,  p. 11-20)

Abstracts in English

Laurenziana library goes into the Net
The paper focuses on the transformations which have occurred in recent years in the ICT system of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence. The Library, first opened to the public in 1571, has been known until recently for the beauty of its premises as well as for the richness of its manuscript holdings, but most certainly not for the LAN or Internet services
provided. Since 2001 instead and notwithstanding economical uncertainties, things have definitely started to change: a LAN -– both cable and wireless – has been installed and a broad band connection to the Internet has been ensured as well as a strict security policy. Therefore, to date, the Library is in the position to engage itself in the production and Internet publication of a digitized version of one of its most important manuscript historical catalogues, the bibliography of its manuscript collections, virtual itineraries of the exhibitions organized and databases relevant to particular sections of its holdings.

Il catalogo aperto della Biblioteca Laurenziana
A reflection on both nature and role of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in the context of Italian Public State libraries aiming to highlight the efforts made in the last years towards the massive introduction of ICT in services offered to the public. In particular, resources and functions of the library’s online open catalogue are investigated as well as the latest ongoing project: the digitization and online publication of the 3,900 manuscripts of the Library’s core collection (the Plutei) which is scheduled to finish by December 2010 and it is in part already freely accessible on Internet.



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