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What business are we in? (Lorcan Dempsey a OCLC EMEA 2012)


Libraries of all types are thinking about value and impact within their parent organizations. They are also being forced to think about where to allocate resources as there is downward pressure on budgets. At the same time, information needs and practices are diversifying. Whether it is homework or data curation, the library is looking at reaching out to its users in different ways. This presents some interesting questions for libraries. What things are essential for us to do and what things should we move to collaborative or external arrangements? What forms of collaboration make sense? What business are we really in? This presentation will provide a framework for thinking about these questions. It will present examples from academic and public libraries, and from different countries.

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Chi è Lorcan Dempsey?

Vice President, OCLC Research and Chief Strategist

Lorcan oversees OCLC Research and participates in strategic planning at OCLC. He is a librarian who began his career in public libraries in his native Dublin, Ireland. He joined OCLC in 2001 as Vice President, Research and was named Chief Strategist in 2004. Before moving to OCLC, Lorcan headed up national information services in the UK with JISC. Before that, he directed UKOLN, a national U.K. research and policy unit at the University of Bath. Lorcan can be followed on the Web at Lorcan Dempsey’s weblog and on Twitter.

He is currently a member of the Cambridge University Library Visiting Committee and a member of the Advisory Board for the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI). In 2010 he received the National Federation of Advanced Information Services’ (NFAIS) highest award, The Miles Conrad Award.

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