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FAQ su WorldCat (FAQ)

La FAQ che segue è frutto dell’assemblaggio delle risposte a varie questioni sorte durante lo svolgimento dei progetti italiani; nel caso specifico si tratta di IUE (Ist. Universitario Europeo – Firenze) e CBT (Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino).
Avvertenza: domande e risposte sono in massima parte in inglese, talvolta in italiano. Non verranno tradotte.
I calce alla pagina sono accettati Commenti che verranno trasformate in domande / risposte, poi cancellati.
Vi indichiamo anche la FAQ ufficiale di OCLC su WorldCat org, dove potrete approfondire molte questioni che qui non compaiono.

  1. Local data: are they visible or not? Which kind of Local data may be visible: subject headings, DDC, holdings, etc.?
    [response] Subject headings and DDC would be visible.
  2. May we have some more information about the possibility to exclude the ILL for any item except the EUI publications? Do you think the only solution is to give this information in the Policy page?
    [response] They would have to give this info in the Policy page but may need validation with ILL specialist.
  3. Sending the update batch files some material (like e-books, e-journals) may be excluded?
    [response] Yes, you may exclude certain types of material from your batchload project.
  4. How WorldCat do for the link between Serials records and the access to the Serials itself ?
    [response] NON PERVENUTA
  5. Do you think there is a possibility to extract records from another DB written in Dublin Core?
    [response] Yes, they can extract records in Dublin Core. This would have to be a separate project because the records must be crosswalked from Dublin Core to MARC21.
  6. Is it possible for the first download to send multiple batches instead only one?
    [response] We prefer multiple files. Each file should contain no more than 90,000 records.
  7. Is it possible for the updates to send the deleted records in a separate file?
    [response] Yes, they may send the deletes in a separate file. We would set up a separate project
  8. Come avviene l’invio dei dati ad OCLC?
    [risposta] Tramite un account FTP specifico creato da OCLC a Dublin (OH). Per le modalità di invio si consiglia la lettura della relativa documentazione OCLC

Some other questions are about the times.

  1. Assuming they start with the test file, how much time do you need for the test?
    [response] Usually OCLC returns an answer within 90 days.
  2. Moreover how much time between the first actual upload and the visibility in Worldcat?
    [response] When the real load starts, visibility is immediate.
  3. They will prefer monthly updates, it’s ok? No change on the costs?
    [response] This is very good: the more frequent the update, the more up to date is WorldCat for this particular library.